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Internationalization Project for Graduate Studies and Research at UERJ - CAPES PrInt-UERJ Program [from SR-2 home page]

UERJ is one of the 36 High Education Institutions contemplated in the Institutional Program for Internationalization - Capes PrInt. Our proposal involved 18 stricto sensu Postgraduate Programs ranked 5, 6 and 7 by Capes, covering 30 Projects, distributed in seven major themes, with resources up to R$ 22,536,297.00, for the payment of scholarships, research support, keep up of projects.

The inclusion of UERJ in this Program is an acknowledgment of the high quality of our Graduate Programs.

The themes defined by UERJ cover areas in which we stand out and are strategically aligned with the policies of scientific, technological and social development of the State and the Country.

The preparation of the institutional project was coordinated by a team from the Postgraduate and Research Sub-Rectory, together with researchers from the SR-2 Advisory Council, who form a Steering Committee created for this purpose and that will follow up the development of the approved projects. The Steering Committee also counts on members of foreign partner institutions.

The Projects were proposed by the Graduate Programs from the seven Themes proposed by SR-2, which took into account our expertise.

Objectives: to foster the construction, implementation and consolidation of strategic internationalization plans in priority areas of knowledge; stimulate the formation of international research networks with a view to improving the quality of academic production linked to postgraduate studies; expand actions to support internationalization in postgraduate studies; to promote the mobility abroad of professors and students, with emphasis on doctoral students, post-doctoral researcher and UERJ professors, linked to stricto sensu graduate programs with international cooperation; encourage the involvement of participating institutions into an international environment; and Integrating other Capes development actions into the internationalization effort.


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